Interview with Unsharpen Dawn

We’ve done this interview a long time ago :D, but we think it’s the time to waking up the scene again. Unsharpen Dawn a Germany Metal band. Just like Caliban, Fear my thoughts, Heaven Shall Burn and Machine Head. Metal to hardcore explosive mix. Founded in the winter of 2007 and after several changes in line-up, “Unsharpen Dawn“ are ready to unhinge the metal world with the following members:

Kay Drzewiecki – Main Vocals
Michael Burger – Guitar, Backings
Christian Tauscher – Guitar
Phil Diem – Drums

And this is the Interview.

1. Unsharpen Dawn, why you choose this name ? It means something ?
Kay: We were looking for a project name, first we called ourselves
“Unsharpen Death”, “Unsharpen” as a word for “unpolished”, as we
wanted to play death metal in the beginning. Someday “Death” sounded
to mundane and we chose “Dawn”. The name stands for: “How far you may
have come in life – each dawn brings new challenges, you are never
really prepared and will always be surprised. You are an unpolished
diamond until the end of your life”.

2. Please give us just a little history about your band member.

Kay: One day I woke up and wanted to found a band. No style of music
preassigned, I just wanted to make music. I met Rene Khoder in a club
and he asked me if i was looking for a band – and that was it! We
exchanged phone numbers, met regulary and wrote a few songs of whom
only “Wake Up To Die” is still played today. Of course we needed more
musicians and we met Michael who was instantly thrilled and shortly
after that Karl. The hardest part was finding a drummer, but in the
end Phil found us. Sadly Rene left the band later on to fully attend
himself to his other band “Beat The Pretty Lake”. But finding a new
guitar player was not as hard, we were lucky to win Chris, the guitar
player of “Alternate Taste” over. He is with us to this day and we are
more than happy with him.

Chris: Well, one could say. I had placed an ad in multiple portals for
musicians, looking for a melodic-deathmetal band. The guys dropped me
a mail, sent me their songs, I auditioned and was part of the band!
Its not Melo-Death, but well, I can handle that (grins). Not as true
but a proof that placing and reading ad’s is worth the while.

3. From 2006 to 2009, why it takes so long to release the EP ?

Kay: On the one hand we weren’t complete until fall 2007, on the other
hand it took awhile for us to warm up and grow together and awhile
until we were satisfied with our material. An EP should represent the
band, so we take our time to gather the best material possible.

4. Inspired by many bands. Which one that influenced you most ?

Kay: Every member of the band has his personal influences. Partially
these are very different from each other. So alot of bands and styles
of music influence us. Too much to be listed here and in the end we
simply do “our thing”.

Chris: In the end we all like the same style of music: it has to rock!
But of course we also listen to completely other genres like Blues and
Bluesrock, Alternative, Crossover and Indie-stuff. So we have a big
pool of influences to choose from.

5. Give us your opinion. Nice and easy listening song or song with
high techique or musical skill ? And how Unsharpen Dawn musics built ?

Kay: We do without too much technical fussing around concentrate on
catchyness without loosing our edge. Of course we do have some more
complicated riffs with a high demand to technical skill but that is
not common. In the end we don’t think high-level fret-stunts are
essential, the music just has to sound good. The bigger part of the
audience aren’t musicians so we don’t have to show off.

6. How about this, some band, including from Germany, internationally released their album with their original language (for an example Rammstein with Germany language, most of Japan band etc) What’s your opinion ?

Kay: English is a language which the bigger part of people understand
and is the language of metal. But we are not antipathetic towards
using german lyrics.

7. You’ve been endorsed by Pyramid, how did you get that ?

Kay: Skill and Contacts! (laughs). Let that be our bands little
secret, okay?

8. After Helloween and Rammstein era, of course from Germany music scene. Would you like to share a story about Germany music scene specially metal scene in this era to us ?

Chris: For a long time there was a big recession in the german band-
scene. The kids just rather want to fidget around on the dancefloor to
music from america with Hip-Hop and Electro-Beats, instead of picking
up an instrument and let themselves get blown away by a speaker
(grins). In the meantime there are a bunch of great bands again, in
all styles of music, which can hold up internationally. That raises
our hope again. Of course we try our best to be a good example in the

9. Would you like to tell us your plan after releasing the EP ?

Kay: Touring, plaing shows and promote the EP. Then the songrwiting
for our first full length album will start.

Chris: We will definitely be seen on stage on a more regular base in
2010. We are hoping for a “big breakthrough” then (grins).

10. Message to the fans and blogreader ?

Kay: Thanks for your support and keep your chin up! See ya!

Chris: And please DO buy our EP and Merch!

All Material from me.  myself as Arie


  1. Love the band too and real cool interview.
    Very special songs with fantastic melodies. I hope they will play in our country

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