loathingrequiemTeknologi dan kreativitas. Sebuah kombinasi yang dahsyat. Sekarang musik pun mengalami perkembangan yang amat cepat. Kalau dulu membuat sebuah rekaman adalah sebuah mimpi. Sekarang dengan bantuan sebuah komputer personal, dengan perangkat software tertentu, seorang pemusik atau band bisa membuat rekaman musiknya sendiri.

A Loathing Requiem adalah sebuah “One Man Project” band. Dibuat oleh MALCOLM PUGH, yang berasal dari Nashville, Tennessee, Amerika. dan beraliran Death Metal. Terinspirasi oleh band-band seperti Necrophagist, Arsis, Nevermore, Racer X, Cacophony. Dengan permainan gitar yang demikian dahsyat, dan pengaruh Muhammad Suicmez, Paul Gilbert, Chuck Schuldiner yang  juga menjadi inspirasinya, musik yang dibuat dan dibawakan oleh A Loathing Requiem ini menjadi kelihatan berbobot. Malcom bermain juga untuk band Inferi dan Diskreet. Berikut ini adalah Interview dengan Malcolm Pugh, A Loathing Requiem.

Please tell us how you started the “one man band” project?
Um, lets see. When I first come up with A LOATHING REQUIEM, I was trying to do something that wasn’t Melodic Death metal.
At the time it was just a fun way for me to get drunk and write brutal riffs.

Did you have a band before finally becoming one man band?
A LOATHING REQUIEM never had other members. Although, i still play in INFERI (Tribunal Records) from Nashville and I also play with DISKREET (Siege of Amida Records), from Topeka, Kansas.

Inside the band (group) and work alone in this project. Which one is the best for you? And what’s the main reason?
I love the freedom of working by myself. I’m an only child, so I think its natural for me to feel that way. At the same time, there is nothing better than having a few beers and jamming out with a band. That’s where true musical awesomeness comes from.

One man band. What is your recipe to start the project. Creativity and technology or something else?
Both. I think technology has helped me evolve as a musician. A LOATHING REQUIEM gives me a musical freedom I’ve never had before. So, I’m really stoked with being able to come up with anything I’d like to and run with it. Its very liberating for me.

Your songs, your lyrics, what’s inside them. I mean, What makes you write the song and what’s your lyrics about? What’s your process for writing your music?
Well that is a great question. Lyrically I sway between topics and content. I’m currently working on completing an record entitled “PREMONITIONS OF THE SOURCE” and I plan on focusing on things such as war and religion. But, I do have a few songs that will have some fantasy based lyrics. Basically I want to express myself on many platforms. The music is a different beast. When I write music, no matter what it may be, I want it to have texture. Sometimes I write it on paper before it gets recorded and sometimes I come up with a riff on accident, then write a song based on that. The ultimate goal for me is to have people go on a mental roller coaster ride, but not vomit because its too crazy and technical. I want to make music for metal heads… not just musicians.

From your information, you’ll be held on tour with some metal band. Is that any problem making performance in the stage. I need to ask this because you are the death metal one man band, I’ve ever know.
No. I have no problems between tours and any other projects I have going on. The only problems I’ve ever ran into, where with personal relationships. That is and always will be a struggle for serious musicians. There is no gold without sacrifice!

Your guitar playing is great. What is your musical background. Is that autodidact or with formal music education?
Thanks a lot! I actually have NEVER had any form of formal training. Everything I know about guitar and music is self taught and self gained knowledge. I plan on taking on some professional training someday. I think it would help my playing a lot.

From your list of the band or musician who influenced your music. There’s Muhammad Suicmez, Chuck Schuldiner, and Paul Gilbert. Which are your favorite tracks/song from that musician that really influenced you much?
That’s a tough fucking question, but off of the top of my head we have…
Necrophagist – Ignominious and Pale.
Some of the most genius riffs I’ve ever heard. PERIOD!

Death – Spirit Crusher.
For 1998… absolutely ahead of the times. A lot of metal bands would kill to have a composer like Chuck.

Paul Gilbert – The Curse of Castle Dragon
Its just flat out incredible!

If there’s a time for you, which song from your influence you’d like to cover?
There are so many songs I’d love to cover, but I have a huge fear covering songs. I don’t think I could replicate my favorite songs with the same original conviction that the original artist had when it was recorded. At that point, I’d rather keep trying to create than re-create.

Now the internet social networking service like myspace, friendster or facebook is growing up faster and faster. What does it mean to your musical progress and career? Does every musician have to join that social networking service?
Well, for me personally. Myspace in particular has helped me network with bands and musicians from all over the globe. At the same time I think the internet is bitter sweet when it comes to music. On one hand it gets your music out there, but on the other hand its saturated with so many bands (good and bad) trying to get their music out there, its hard for people to take you seriously. I think these days the Internet is necessary in order to deal with other competing bands. Like I said, ” bitter sweet”.

What’s your message to them who become “one man band” too, and all of death metal lover?
Well for anyone wanting to do a “one man band” I suggest listening to Mirrorthrone, Unholy Matrimony and Weeping Birth. All three are created by Vladimir Cochet. He is my hero when it comes down to one person creating and composing music without other peoples influence. And to death metal lovers… All I can say is, drink beers!

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Sebelum kedatangan mereka di Indonesia. Indiejember.org, lewat kontribusi Arie berhasil mewawancarai mereka. Berikut ini adalah transkrip dan terjemahan bebasnya.

Setelah album terakhir “With Devils Amongst Us All”, sangat menyenangkan sekali mendengar kalian kembali dengan materi baru. Bagaimana perasaan kalian ?
Kami semua sangat senang dan bangga dengan EP Redemption ini. Untuk selanjutnya kami sedang menyelesaikan Full Album, yang rencananya dirilis untuk musim panas mendatang.

Mengapa lama bagi kalian untuk menyelesaikan materi baru ini ?
It’s been a little over a year…
Kami melakukan tour Album With Devils Amongst Us All semenjak bulan Mei 2006 dan baru pulang kembali ke rumah pada bulan Desember 2007.
Traditionally, sebuah band membuat album baru setiap dua tahun sekali. Dan kami merasa kami telah melakukan hal tersebut pada saat yang tepat.

Bagaimana dengan tour yang kalian lakukan, apakah ada hal menarik untuk diceritakan selama 2 tahun ini ?
Tour is tour… kami telah menjalani berbagai macam tour show. from the big Ozzfest/ Family Values tours to small club. Semuanya menarik dan “amazing” bagi kami

Apa yang paling kalian sukai dari hardcore scene ?, crowds, panggung dan moshpit ?
I think we love all of the above. Hardcore shows, bagi kami terasa lebih menarik dan intim. dan kami menyukai sebagai bagian dari pertunjukan tidak hanya sebagai tontonan saja.

Kembali ke EP Redemption ini. Saya sudah mendengarkan seluruh album milik Walls Of Jericho dan akhirnya mendengarkan EP ini. Rasanya seperti terjun bebas dari musik berkecepatan tinggi ke musik dengan tempo yang pelan. Bagaimana kalian mendeskripsikan EP ini. Apakah ini semacam kontemplasi atau pemanasan sebelum akhirnya Walls Of Jericho merilis Full album ?
“We just wanted to do an acoustic EP with a cool, dark, mellow feel to it”.Jika kamu mendengarkan album lama Walls Of Jericho, kamu pasti mendengarkan satu atau 2 buah lagu seperti yang terdapat di dalam EP ini. “So we decided to just go for it”. Dan melakukan rekaman dengan materi akustik.

Apakah ada kesulitan dalam merubah style vocal. Dari vocal yang brutal ke bentuk yang lebih mellow dan melodic. Dengan instrument akustik
Tidak ada kesulitan dan sangat menyenangkan sekali. “It was cool”. Dan ternyata mudah sekali untuk menulis lagu lagu dalam EP ini

Mengejutkan sekali ketika mendengar Walls Of Jericho membawakan “House Of Rising Sun”. Ceritakan bagaimana lagu ini bisa ikut masuk dalam EP ini.
“We all Love that song”. Dan kami merasa mengasyikkan sekali bila bisa memasukkan lagu ini dalam EP

Bagaimana rasanya di produseri oleh Corey Taylor (Slipknot / Stonesour)
“Corey’s a good friend and a great person”
Kami melakukan sesuatu yang menyenangkan dengannya dalam Redemption ini. Dan Corey benar benar membantu Candace dalam mengolah vokalnya.
“He was the perfect producer to work with on this project”. Dan kami benar benar senang sekaligus bangga bisa bekerja sama dengannya.

Album baru Walls Of Jericho akan dirilis pada musim panas tahun ini.apakah kalian bisa memberi petunjuk tentang album ini nantinya ?
It’s gonna be Brutal so hold on to your seats boys and girls.

Mengapa, semenjak album pertama, lirik yang dibuat oleh Walls of Jericho, selalu jauh dari masalah-masalah politik ?
Kami memang memutuskan untuk lebih banyak berbicara tentang masalah masalah pribadi yang lebih sering dialami banyak orang.

Band ini, Walls Of Jericho, sekarang menjadi inspirasi bagi banyak band. Utamanya yang memiliki “female fronted vocal”. Bagaimana dengan hal ini ? Apakah ini berarti sesuatu ?
Menyenangkan sekali bisa menjadi inspirasi bagi banyak orang.”It means more to us to hear someone tell us that than anything”.

Indonesia menjadi target berikut dalam tour kalian. Bagaimana kamu tahu soal Indonesia ?
Kami tidak tahu banyak tentang Indonesia. |But we are eager to come over and see it. I hear it’s a beautiful place.”

Pesan untuk fans Walls Of Jericho di Indonesia.
We’ll see everyone in June and we are really looking forward to coming over.
See you in JUNE!!!

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