Band yang berasal dari Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, ini beranggotakan pemusik dengan usia yang sangat muda. Menyatakan diri beraliran Hardcore/Screamo/Metalcore. Band ini berhasil membuktikan dirinya adalah band yang berbakat. Dengan tampilnya band ini bersama sama dengan Beneath The Sky(Victory), Belie My Burial, Bless This Curse, Bought In Blood, Burn False Idols, Call To Attraction, Casluhim dan beberapa band beraliran sama yang lain.

Berikut ini adalah hasil interview dengan Mouse Trap yang diwakili oleh Joe.

1. Hello to mousetrap Please tell us your biography. Because there is just a limited info about your band.

Well, were called Mouse Trap! because of the infamous board game that we all played when we were younger. We started out as an alt rock band that sounded like Puddle of Mudd mixed with System Of a Down. then i went to a Silverstein show. “A Day to Remember” and “The Devil Wears Prada” opened for them and i was stunned. i knew i had to play hardcore after that. weve gone through many names. 6 including mouse trap!.

weve been:
a moments notice
there’s a way
for the forgotten
to the forgotten
and finally… mouse trap!

but other than that, were just a couple of suburban kids that love creating heavy music.

2. What happen to your guitarist ? and what’s the effects to the band ?

were starting fresh with a newer, permanent lineup. im not giving away any details but lets just say its going to be intense well we try to keep a steady 3 day band practice week. with his baseball and other stuff, he couldnt find time. he’s leaving on good terms and he remains very close. The effects? well it gave me the idea to just do vocals and to find new musicians

3. How do you write your music ?

Thats a hard question hahaha. i guess i just turn on the amp and play until i find something i like. then i try to make a good song out of it

4. Your Lyrics. What is all about ?

This is going to sound so cliche… mainly women. you don’t even know how those preppy chicks make you think they like you and then drop the bomb hahah. i guess i have to thank them for the writing inspiration. sometimes though i do write happy lyrics. this is because i think bands like “for today” or “underoath” are visionary with their christian, pretty lyrics, and they manage to make it sound so br00t4l hahah.

5. I’ve seen some band with hardcore/metalcore/screamo, and they looks similar one to another. and now this genre becomes trend in the metal world. What do you think about this ?

i disagree. i think they are 2 totally different genres. its not a good or bad thing. its just 2 different scenes. if you go to a show with like “liferuiner”, “maesion”, and “remember thy name”, its going to be a lot different than a show with like “lamb of god”.
and honestly, i think some metal bands sell out to the hxc scene because its more popular right now and they want money.

6. And what makes this band different than the other hardcore/screamo band ?

our musical backround. were so young that were influenced by other hardcore/screamo/metalcore bands. were listening to that and were trying to take it to the next level. were not there yet but i plan to be.

7. Studio or the stage. Which one is the best for you ?

hands down stage. live shows are the greatest thing in the history of the world! when people hardcore dance or mosh to our music, its the best compliment we can receive. im not saying people listening to m.t! isnt, i just think its more personal since theyre at a show.

8. Becomes commercial band or becomes indie band. Which one you choose and give us a reason.

indie. indie labels wouldnt force you to like change your style because a certain one doesn’t pay as much. and i dont think anyone could get screwed with an indie label.

9. With your demo. What would you like to achieve with your music?

were trying to get our music out in the open with this demo. just to give people a taste of what we sound like. so we get like our first little fan base. later on this year were recording a full length thats going to be for real! that should boost the musicianship and the popularity.

10. How important is it to you to stay close to your fans?

the only rule in the rule book, and that is ELE. everybody love everybody(will ferrell quote) hahahaha. but seriously, if you dont love, interact, and update your fans, you get nowhere in the music biz.

11. What are the best and worst things about being in a band?

really hard question. i love playing shows for people. just the energy in general is amazing. all of it what i dont like? waking up at a certain time and having to be strict and organized hahah.

12. With your experience. How the technology helps the musician ?

myspace is the most revolutionary thing in music since recording. hahaha without it, many bands would never be heard

13. Message to the metal band fans around the world ?

moshers leave the hardcore dancers alone hahah. its more skilled, and hurts more hahah.

Mouse Trap @ Myspace

Sekarang ini, di seluruh penjuru dunia, banyak sekali bertebaran band-band metal. Batas antara jenis musik satu dan yang lain demikian tipisnya. Experimentasi antara death metal dan dan metalcore melahirkan deathcore. Metalcore sendiri terbentuk dari musik heavy metal dan hardcore. Kombinasi vokal growl dan scream biasa terdengar dalam musik musik dengan jenis ini. Legion adalah sebuah band hardcore asal Hilliard, Ohio
Amerika. Beranggotakan Chris (guitar), Michael (vocal), Alex (guitar), Brad (Bass) dan Kevin (drum). Dalam demo berisi 5 lagu ini yang terdengar dominan adalah vokal growl dan sedikit sekali scream. Musiknya sendiri tidak terlalu “ngebut” untuk ukuran band yang menyatakan diri beraliran metal/hardcore. Akan tetapi yang menarik adalah demo ini yang direlease secara gratis dan bisa didownload oleh siapapun. Untuk info tentang band ini bisa dilihat di halaman myspace milik mereka.Demikian juga untuk link download dari demo ini.

Legion Myspace

Legion – Demo – 2009

Tracklist :

  1. Don’t Believe The Hype
  2. Even Stars Don’t Shine Like This
  3. A Degradation Period
  4. Live Your Lie
  5. Reach For The Sky

CHON, (dengan huruf kapital), Sebuah band yang dengan percaya diri mengusung musik math-rock/metal/fusion. Instrumentalia metal yang tegas. Mengeksplorasi kemampuan seluruh anggota band. Dan jadinya adalah musik yang benar-benar keren. Untuk sekedar tahu saja, ketika mereka membuat demo, drummer band ini masih berusia 11 tahun. Sedikit sekali informasi yang bisa didapat dengan band ini. Tapi jika ingin tahu karya musik yang sudah mereka hasilkan. Coba kunjungi alamat Myspace mereka disini.

Ya kali ini kita membicarakan Nirvana. Tapi bukan Nirvana yang ini lho ya. Ternyata nama Nirvana ini dipakai atau pernah dipakai oleh sebuah band yang berasal dari Swedia. Akan tetapi menariknya Nirvana yang satu ini memainkan musik death metal klasik. Kombinasi antara Dismember dan Entombed. Mungkin cover album ini bisa menjadi bukti eksistensi mereka.

Rekaman berbentuk kaset, berisi3 Lagu, masing masing berjudul, Slumber, Zombification, dan The Awakening of…., dirangkum dalam sebuah demo “Disembodied Spirits” yang sebenarnya telah dibuat pada tahun 1990 akan tetapi baru disebar dan meluas sekitar tahun 2002. And of course …we have this demo..